Tutorial describes basic principles and advanced features of Taskio Application. It is related to mobile, desktop and web version of Taskio.


Task list

Task list - the basic view represents list of tasks for current tag or folder. Upper left button links to Tags list, upper right button links to Search and blue "+" creates a new task. Tap on a task redirects to task detail.

Color coding is following - items with red bubble are already due and should be processed immediatelly (or at least as soon as possible), items with blue bubble are for today and you should pay attention to them. The rest is gray and it's not so important for now (but it will change it's color when the time comes). The number in bubble represents time when the task should be completed or time for how long it is already due.

Multiple swipe gestures are supported (limited to mobile version) - swipe right to complete a task, swipe left to change assigned tags, reschedule or delete a task.

In desktop or web version, hovering on task will display task actions - complete or delete a task.

Note: Completed tasks will be automatically deleted after 30 days from completion.

Task detail

Displays detail of a task. Various attributes may be defined/edited (see following chapters). Task actions available in task detail are Complete (completes given task, task will be moved to Completed folder) and Delete (deletes given task).

On mobile, tapping on each attribute enables editation/selection. Task is saved on pressing Done. Swiping left/right on rows reveals additional actions. This screen supports both portrait and landscape orientation.

On desktop or web, editing of any task attribute saves the task immediatelly.


Reminder is a time when you will be reminded on a given task. Contains quick options (like "In 1 hour", "In 4 Hours", "Morning", etc.) which sets the reminder to corresponding time from NOW. There also an option Choose a specific date to fine tune the reminder date.

Date Detection

On desktop or web version, date detection determines reminder dates from reminder text.

For example, if a reminder text will be "Thursday 1pm" then date detection will identify the reminder date and will convert it to nearest date. After pressing the date detected button, Taskio will setup reminder.

You can also experiment with different inputs like "in 10 minutes", "tomorrow 10:30", "next monday morning", "in 2 weeks", etc.


On desktop or web version, calendar enables additional filtering of tasks in given tag or folder.

Tasks list on the bottom can be manipulated in the same way as in the Tasks List.

Task Recurrence

Task recurrence can be choosen from predefined recurrence settings. When a recurring task is completed, then a new task will be scheduled with the reminder set to the nearest recurrence time in future.

For example - when task with reminder set to "monday, 1/3/15 at 12:30pm" with "weekly" recurrence will be completed on tuesday, then a new task with reminder "monday, 1/10/2015 at 12:30pm" will be created.

By defualt new reminders are calculated from original reminder date. Enabling Repeat from completion will calculate new reminder date from current completion date.


Assign task to tag.

On mobile, tapping on a tag in tag list highlights the tag and assigns task to given tag.

On desktop or web, selecting tag from tag list will assign task to selected tag. If a tag is already assigned to task, tag needs to be removed first in order to selected other tag from tag list.

View tasks with tag

In Tags list select tag. A badge number on a tag specifies the number of not completed tasks with given tag. Tapping on tag will display tasks with given tag.

On mobile, swiping on tag allows you to delete or edit given tag.

On desktop or web, hovering tag will display edit icon. Tag can be deleted when editing tag.


Each task can have several subtasks.

On mobile, tap on Add subtask to create new subtask. Tap on checkmark to complete/uncomplete subtask. Swipe left to reveal Delete action.

On desktop or web, write new subtask in Add subtask field and pressing Enter will create given subtask. Click on checkmark to complete/uncomplete subtask. Click on cross to delete given subtask.

Location Based Reminders

Location based reminders reminds you when you're at the given location or when leaving the location. They will remind you any time you approach/leave the location until the task is completed or deleted.

There are several possibilities how you can specify the location where you would like to be reminded:

  1. Pick a location from map
  2. Search for an address
  3. Select current location
  4. Select saved (favorite) location

When you select a location, you can save it to favorites. Favorite locations can be deleted from list of favorite locations when selecting location for location based reminder.


There are several additional options configurable in Taskio Settings.


This option allows to set preffered application's look and feel.

On macOS, enabling option Use System Settings for Dark Mode will adjust Taskio Dark Mode according to OS settings.

This setting is synchronized accross devices.

Date & Time

On desktop or web, this options menu allows to adjust Date and Time format.

This setting is synchronized accross devices.


On desktop or web, this options menu allows to adjust font size.

This setting is synchronized accross devices.

Subscription renewal


Taskio Premium Subscription is automatically renewed 24h prior to renewal date. No user action is needed and Taskio Premium Subscription will be extended by the same period.


Taskio Premium Subscription can be cancelled any time. More details about Taskio Premium Subscription cancellation is in Terms of Service

In order to cancell Taskio Premium Subscription bought in App Store, please follow Apple instructions.

In order to cancell Taskio Premium Subscription bought in Taskio Web Store, please follow PayPal instructions.